Collection: Who is Deztinni?

Deztinni (pro.nounce destiny) by Ashanti-Nichole was birth in 2005 Chicago Base.

Ashanti-Nichole was seating and praying to God to show her what exactly he wanted her to do with her life and in a dream he spoke to her to do fashion. Ashanti was not sure at first what kind of Fashion until more ideas started to flow. It has been an up hill battle but Ashanti never gave up because her design was slowly beginning to change the world.  Ashanti-Nichole was born and raised in Southside Chicago. 

Ashanti overcame a lot of fears and barriers such as dyslexia, judgement, and access to the fashion world.  She paved her way from a plus size model to a fashion designer by entrusting her craft to God’s hands. Her craft is a gift from God. When she realized that all she needs to do was focus and let God, everything started to come together.

The Line is fun, edgy, risky, it gives women and men a sense of being free and being their self on the sexy and ruff side. Her largest Fashion hub spots are Chicago & Atlanta which has welcomed her passion. She is bringing her passion for fashion to the people.

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